Agility Classes

The Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club offers the area’s most comprehensive agility training program. From the beginning, the obstacles are introduced in a positive, safe and non-threatening way. Progression is made from Beginners to Intermediate, to Advanced and then to the Competition Levels. Obstacles are taught in conjunction with handling techniques, sequences, gradually building to running an entire course.   

Level I - Dogs and handlers are taught the fundamentals, obstacles, and some beginning handler techniques. Dogs in this class must know come, sit, down, stay (for short periods of time) and must walk under control beside the handler.

Level II -  For dogs who have completed at least one Level I class. Dogs must be comfortable on most pieces of equipment. Weave poles and teeter are still being taught at this level. The teeter-totter and A-frame are not at full height yet. Additional handling techniques and some sequencing are introduced at this level. Obstacles are raised to full height during this session.

Level III - For dogs who have completed at least one Level II class. Dogs must be comfortable on all pieces of equipment at full height. Handling techniques are stressed in this course.

Level IV - For dogs who have completed at least one Level III class. Dogs who haven't started trialing yet, but are preparing for the ring are in this class. Dogs are able to do all the agility obstacles well. Handling techniques are stressed. Ring procedures are taught.

Novice Competition - For dogs that have no agility titles but are currently trialing in the Novice level, Dogs that have completed the Level IV class may also be in this class. Course sequences are run and handling options are stressed.  

Advanced Competition - For dogs who have their Novice title(s) and are trialing at the Open or Excellent level. Additional advanced handling techniques are taught. Both upper level courses and advanced sequences are run.