Scent Work Trials

The sport of Nose Work was started by a group of friends in California around 2012. NACSW-National Association of Canine Scent Work made an appearance in the Pittsburgh area around 2012. WCOTC started offering classes with club members as instructors. As the popularity of the sport grew so did our classes-from one Wednesday evening spot to 3. We held seminars, Mock ORTs (odor recognition tests), Official ORTs and other events. Club members entered NACSW trials with great success.

 When AKC accepted Scent Work as an approved sport in 2016 WCOTC was ready. We already had a program in place, we knew how to hold trials- since many of our members had been volunteering for NACSW events for years.

 We proudly held our first AKC Scent Work trial in October 21-22, 2017. We were the first trial in Pennsylvania!  We continue to offer exceptional classes and host trials.

 Agility Trials

 In November of 1995, Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club became the first club to  hold an AKC-licensed agility trial in Pennsylvania. The first trial was held in a horse arena  in Greensburg, PA. Since then, the club has held up to eight agility trials per year, some of which  were held outdoors at the WCOTC Training complex in Delmont, PA. Current trials are being  held at  B & D Creekside Activity Center in Latrobe, PA.

 Our goal is to provide our exhibitors with a safe, pleasant environment in which to enjoy the  sport  of agility.

Obedience Trials

The Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club offers the opportunity for dogs registered with the American Kennel Club to earn Obedience and Rally Titles in an exhibitor-friendly atmosphere. Our AKC-licensed trials are held in the air- conditioned WCOTC Training Center. Our June and late September trials offer all of the regular Obedience and Rally classes, as well as PreNovice, Veterans, Brace and Rally Pairs non-regular classes. Members donate a large selection of prizes for dogs entered in these Obedience Trials. Rally exhibitors can win dog toys and beautiful rosettes in their respective classes. We also have special rosettes for handlers whose dogs complete their Obedience, and Rally titles at our trials and some special gifts for new exhibitors.  

 All trials are open to mixed breed dogs registered through the AKC Canine Partner Program.If you are looking for a friendly place to show your dog, join us at WCOTC! 

Entry Limitations – please read carefully – According to Chapter 1, Section 27 of the AKC Obedience Regulations, each judge will be limited to a total of eight hours of judging time per day. Entries will be limited based on the maximum number of dogs allowed per hour for each class according to the Obedience Regulations. Entries will be taken in the order received. Entries for classes assigned to a judge will automatically close if the 8-hour limit is reached, even if it is before the trial closing date. The UDX class is offered: Once the limit has been reached in either the Open B or the Utility B class, the UDX class will be considered closed, and any subsequent entries for this class will be unacceptable in their entirety.