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Scent Work Classes - Dogs naturally use their nose to find things. All breeds of dogs can be successful at the game of scent work and it is good training for utility scent articles in obedience.

Scent work is the fun search and scenting game that virtually all people and dogs can enjoy. Inspired by working detection dogs (drug, arson or cadaver) your dog will learn to search and find birch, anise, cypress, and clove.

Because scent work is always one dog at a time and you always have the option of working with your dog on lead it is wonderful for the dog who may not play well with others.

This sport builds confidence, strengthens the bond between dog and handler-you learn that in order to succeed you “MUST TRUST YOUR DOG”

Beginning Scent Work Classes- Introduce your dog to the fast growing sport of canine scent work. Using food and boxes the dog will learn to find the correct box that has the treat in it. This is similar to drug detection dog work. We will progress from searching for food to finding the scent of birch, anise, cypress, and clove. One dog works at a time and always on leash.

Advanced Nose Work Classes- The advanced dogs will work with all four scents (birch, anise, cypress, and clove) and will search boxes, interior rooms, exterior buildings, vehicles, and buried hides.