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Obedience Classes

Puppy Class - for puppies from 12 weeks old to 6 months old. The focus is on development stages and socialization. We also introduce basic manners and skills, like sit, down, walk on a loose leash, come when called, stay, settle, bite inhibition, and not jumping-on people.

Puppy Class for small breeds-  Same as Puppy Class above except that it is specifically for small breed dogs.  This class will provide a class for small dogs to learn with dogs their size and not be intimidated by larger dogs while trying to learn new skills.  It also covers issues which small breed owners should know in dealing with their smaller dogs. 

Basic I Class - for dogs that are over 6 months old. Teaches the basic skills of sit, down, walk on a loose leash, come when called, stay, settle, sit nicely for petting, and not jumping-on people.

Basic II Class - is training for the Canine Good Citizen certification (CGC test), it involves all skills previously taught and adds supervised separation, grooming, greeting strangers, and more. Many homeowners insurance companies want this certificate for your dog. After this test you may also want to take the therapy dog test, if you want to do pet therapy visits.

Advanced Basic Skills - for those considering advanced training and those who just want to do more to have well behaved pet. Starts to prepare the handler and dog for the competition obedience ring with the American Kennel Club.

Companion Dog Title(CD) - first level of competition in traditional obedience. Off-leash heeling, recalls, sit and down stays are integral part of this class.

Companion Dog Excellence(CDX) - second level of competition in traditional obedience. This class involves all previous skills taught and adds retrieving, out-of-sight stays, and jumping.

Utility Dog(UD) - third level of competition in traditional obedience. This class involves all previous skills taught, and adds scent articles, and directed jumping.